Books on various styles of penmanship, arranged chrono­logically by style.

Penmanship of the XVI, XVII, and XVIIIth Centuries. A series of typical examples from English and foreign writing books selected by Lewis F. Day. London: B. T. Batsford. [No date, but from the printing style about 1900. Misdated as 1789 by the librarian, because that is the date of the example in the frontispiece.]

An Analysis of Penmanship, together with a projection of the Text Alphabet, by J. Hill, W. M. London: J. Souter, 1821.

Principles of Penmanship; or, Rules for the Attainment of Elegant and Expeditious Writing. Illustrated by appropriate examples. By W. D. Prior. London: Printed for the Author, 1842. —A small pamphlet illustrating an elegant hand and giving a few suggestions for writing position and so on.

Penmanship, Theoretical and Practical, Illustrated and Explained. By B. F. Foster. London: Souter and Law, School Library, 1843. —Unfortunately most of the examples in the back are completely illegible in this scan.

My First School Book to Teach Me Reading and Writing. By Walter MacLeod. London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1853. —The writing is taught (somewhat unusually) by means of a script type font, as in the example above.

The Payson, Dunton, & Scribner Manual of Penmanship. 1873. —A very elegant Victorian hand, with many slate exercises.

Penmanship. A guide to good handwriting, for civil service, commercial, legal, and general purposes. By C. H. Mitchell. London: F. Pitman, 1882.

Complete Manual of Commercial Penmanship. Copiously illustrated. By Clarence E. Spayd. Boston: Educational Publishing Company, 1893. —The preface above is a good sample of the style of writing taught in this book.

Public School Penmanship: A Manual for Teachers. By Albert W. Clark. Boston: Ginn and Company, 1909. —Illustrated with photographs of proper writing positions, this book is designed to teach teachers how to teach penmanship.

Perry & Co's. Monthly Illustrated Price Current, 1882. —A collection of monthly catalogues of stationery, writing implements, and novelties, illustrated with innumerable engravings.