Books and magazines that show us the fashions worn at various times in history.

The Costume of Turkey, illustrated in a series of engravings; with descriptions in English and French. London: William Miller, 1802.

The Military Costume of Turkey
. Illustrated by a series of engravings, from drawings made on the spot. Dedicated by permission to His Excellency the Minister of the Ottoman Porte to His Britannic Majesty. London: Thomas McLean, [1818]. —The title page above is a fair sample of both the quality of the engravings and the excellent quality of the scan.

Asiatic Costumes; a series of forty-four coloured engravings, from designs taken from life: with a description to each subject. London: R. Ackermann, Repository of Arts, Strand. 1828.

The Freaks of Fashion. With illustrations of the changes in the corset and crinoline, from remote periods to the present time. —no author, no date, but middle Victorian in printing style. The book attempts to give an answer to the "corset question," the tenor of which answer may be judged from the title. The illustrations are useful and sometimes horrifying.

The History of Fashion in France; or, the dress of women from the Gallo-Roman period to the present time. From the French of M. Augustin Challamel. By Mrs. Cashel Hoey and Mr. John Lillie. 1882. —Some plates colored.

Fashion: The Power That Influences the World. The philosophy of ancient and modern dress and fashion. But George P. Fox. Third edition. New York, 1878.

Fashion in Paris. The various phases of feminine taste and aesthetics from 1797 to 1897. By Octave Uzanne. From the French by Lady Mary Loyd. With one hundred hand-coloured plates & two hundred and fifty text illustrations by François Courboin. 1898. —The color plates are especially interesting, showing not only the fashions but also the characteristic diversions of the time, such as roller-skating or watching the advance of the Prussians from the barricades.

The Gentleman's Magazine of Fashion, and Costumes de Paris. Edited by Louis Devere. Each number contains five steel plate engravings; three colored plates of fashions, from drawings designed expressly and exclusively for this work; and two plates of models for garments. —The magazine originally included "one or two full-sized patterns cut out on thin paper," but these are omitted in the scans. Nevertheless, the "models for garments" must be extraordinarily valuable to anyone with the ambition to attempt their construction; they are sufficiently detailed to make useful patterns. The covers seem to have been printed originally in a lovely violet ink, suggesting that some things about the fashion industry have not changed a great deal since mid-Victorian times.

October 1870 to December 1870.

December 1871 to December 1872.

January 1873 to December 1874.

The Record of Fashion and Tailor and Cutter's Guide,
edited by Dr. T. D. Humphreys.—With patterns showing how to construct various parts of the costumes.

January 4, 1882 to December 27, 1882.