Essayists in all languages.

George Eliot
The Essays of "George Eliot." Complete. Collected and arranged, with an introduction on her "analysis of motives," by Nathan Shepherd. New York, 1883. —Much of this material is literary criticism, in which George Eliot appears as one of the most interesting and perceptive critics of her age.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Every man his own Boswell. Twenty-second thousand. Boston, 1859.
Edinburgh edition, 1859, with extensive table of contents.
Reprinted from the Atlantic Monthly, as it appeared from November, 1857, to October, 1858. New York: F. M. Lupton (no date, but early-1900s decorations).

Michel de Montaigne

Les Essais de Michel Seigneur de Montaigne. Edition nouvelle prise sur l'Exemplaire trouvé apres le deceds de l'Autheur, reveu & augmenté d'vn tiers oultre les precedentes impressions. Enriichis de deux Tables curieusement exactes et elaborées. Paris, 1604. —A beautifully printed book, photographed in color; the pages did not always lie flat for the photographer, but they are quite legible.