The history of Great Britain and occasionally Ireland. Whether Geoffrey of Monmouth's work and some of the other books here can fairly be called "history" is a question on which academic careers are built; but there is no question that they claim to be history, and were believed to be history for centuries.


De Excidio Britanniae. Ad fidem codicum manuscriptorum recensuit Josephus Stephenson. Londini: Sumptibus Societatis, 1838.

The Works of Gildas and Nennius. Translated from the Latin by J. A. Giles, Ll.D. Bohn, 1841.

Nennius (see also Gildas, above)

The Historia Brittonum, commonly attributed to Nennius; from a manuscript lately discovered in the Library of the Vatican Palace at Rome; edited in the tenth century, by Mark the Hermit; with an English version, fac simile of the original, notes and illustrations. By the Rev. W. Gunn, B.D. 1819.

Geoffrey of Monmouth

The Chronicle of the Kings of Britain; translated from the Welsh copy attributed to Tysilio; collated with several other copies, and illustrated with copious notes. By the Rev. Peter Roberts, A.M. 1811.

The British History of Geoffrey of Monmouth. In twelve books. Translated from the Latin, by A. Thompson, Esq. A new edition, revised and corrected by J. A. Giles, Ll.D. 1842

The Brut; or, Chronicles of England, edited from Ms. Rawl. B 171, Bodleian Library, c., by Friedrich W. D. Brie, Ph.D. Early English Text Society, 1906.

Part I (1906).

Part II (1908).

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, according to the several original authorities. Edited, with a translation, by Benjamin Thorpe. 1861.

Volume I. Original Texts.

Volume II. Translation.
(Another copy.)

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Newly translated by E. E. C. Gomme, B.A. 1909.


The Venerable Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England. Also the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Edited by J. A. Giles, D.C.L., 1847.

The Historical Works of the Venerable Beda, translated from the original Latin, with a preface and notes, by the Rev. Joseph Stephenson, M.A. 1853. An alternative to the ubiquitous Giles translation.

Giraldus Cambrensis (Gerald of Wales).

The Historical Works of Giraldus Cambrensis. Containing the Topography of Ireland, and the History of the Conquest of Ireland, translated by Thomas Forester. The Itinerary through Wales and the Description of Wales, translated by Sir Richard Colt Hoare. London: George Bell and Sons, 1881.

Henry of Huntingdon.
The Chronicle of Henry of Huntingdon. Comprising the history of England, from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the accession of Henry II. Also, The Acts of Stephen, King of England and Duke of Normandy. Translated and edited by Thomas Forester, A.M. London, 1853.

Roger of Wendover
Roger of Wendover's Flowers of History. Comprising the history of England from the descent of the Saxons to A.D. 1235. Formerly ascribed to Matthew Paris. Translated from the Latin by J. A. Giles, D.C.L. London, 1849.
Volume I.

Volume II.

Polydore Vergil
Polydore Vergil's English History, from an early translation preserved among the mss. of the old Royal Library in the British Museum. Edited by Sir Henry Ellis, K.H. London: Printed for the Camden Society, 1846.
Volume I.
(Another copy.)
(Another copy.)
(At; a very good scan.)
(At; another very good scan.)

(We have not yet found the two succeeding volumes projected in the preface. A cryptic note on one of the listings says "No more published." However, see the volume below for the last three reigns in the manuscript.)
Three Books of Polydore Vergil's English History, comprising the reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard III. From an early translation preserved among the mss. of the old Royal Library in the British Museum. Edited by Sir Henry Ellis, K.H. London: Printed for the Camden Society, 1844.

The University of Birmingham's Philological Museum has a splendid on-line hypertext critical edition of the Anglica Historia.

Holinshed's Chronicles

Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 1807. Tiny print.

Volume I.

Volume II.

Volume III.

Volume IV.

Volume V.

Volume VI (at