French Grammars, Methods, and Dictionaries


A New French Grammar; Or, A New Method for Learning of the French Tongue.
By Guy Miège, 1678. —An excellent scan. Very useful for the French of Louis XIV's time.

A French Grammar: To Which Is Prefixed, an Analysis Relating to That Subject. By René Labutte, 1790.

A French Grammar for the Use of English Students, by J. V. Douville, 1824. —A wonderfully useful book for anyone who would learn to speak French like a proper post-Napoleonic Frenchman. It explains, for example, the difference between pas and point in negatives very concisely but completely. Both volumes are included in this scan.

The New Fraser and Squair Complete French Grammar, by William Henry Fraser, John Squair, Algernon Coleman, 1921.

A French Grammar, by William Eric Morrison, Jean Charles Gauthier, 1923.

Old French

An Introduction to Old French Phonology and Morphology, by Frederick Bliss Luquiens, 1909.

Ellipsis in Old French, by William Edwin Knickerbocker, 1911.

A Contribution to the History of the Unaccented Vowels in Old French, by William Pierce Shepard, 1897.


Dictionnaire de l'Académie Française, 1694. —The first edition.

Tome I. A-L.
Tome 2. M-Z.

Dictionnaire de l'Académie Française, sixième édition, 1835

Tome I: A-H (reprinted at Brussels, 1844).
Tome II: I-Z.

Grand Dictionnaire Universel du XIXe Siecle, par Pierre Larousse.

Tome I: A, 1866.
Tome II: B, 1867.
Tome III: C–Chemin, 1867.
Tome IV Chemin–Contrayerva, 1867.
Tome V: Contre–Czyzowski, 1869.
Tome VI: D, 1870.
Tome VII: E, 1870.
Tome VIII: F-G, 1872.
Tome IX: H, 1866.
Tome X: L–Memnonite, 1873.
Tome XI: Mémoire–Ozza, 1874.
Tome XII: P–Pourpointier, 1874.
Tome XIII: Pourpre–Rzyszczewski, 1875.
Tome XIV: S–Testadon, 1875.
Tome XV: Testament–Zygopeltide, 1876.
Tome XVI: Supplément, 1878.
Tome XVII: Deuxième supplément.

A French and English Dictionary composed by Mr. Randle Cotgrave, with another in English and French. 1673.

The Royal Dictionary, French and English, and English and French, by Abel Boyer, 1729.

Dictionnaire international Français-Anglais, par Mm. H. Hamilton et E. Legros. Paris & London, 1883. —At least three differently dated editions are available on line, but they appear to be identical, or very nearly, except for the dates and places of publication.
Another edition. Paris, 1876.
Another edition. Paris & Boston, 1872. —On paper, this edition has been a constant companion, and its brittle state persuaded us to find a more durable copy on line.

Old French and Law French

A Dictionary, of the Norman Or Old French Language, by Robert Kelham, 1843. —Mostly legal language as used in England.

The Law-French Dictionary alphabetically digested; very useful for all young students in the Common Laws of England. To which is added, The Law-Latin Dictionary. London, 1718. —Law French is a sort of Monty Python version of Norman French as spoken by English-speakers completely oblivious to the rules of French grammar.

Style Guides

Guide typographique. Agriculture Canada Publication 1603, Révision 1978.