On Books and Libraries.

The General Catalogue of Books, Printed in England since the dreadful Fire of London 1666. To the end of Trinity-Term 1680. Together with the texts of single sermons, with the authors names: playes acted at both the theaters: and an abstract of the general bills of mortality since 1660. With an account of the titles of all the books of law, navigation, musick, &c. And a catalogue of school books. To which is now added a catalogue of Latin books printed in foreign parts and in England since the year 1670. London: Printed by S. Roycroft for Robert Clavell, 1680.

Traitté des plus belles bibliothèques de l'Europe. Des premiers livres qui ont été faits. De l’invention de l’imprimerie. Des imprimeurs. De plusieurs livres qui ont été perdus & recouvrez par les soins des sçavans. Avec une methode pour dresser une Bibliothèque. Par le Sieur Le Gallois. Paris: Estienne Michallet, 1680.