The Historical Spectator.

Table of Contents.

A Frenchman Looks at American Race Relations
G. K. Chesterton on America’s Entering the First World War
Why I Pirated This Book, by a Famous English Publisher
How We Lost Beauty
Celebration at Baldinsville in Honor of the Atlantic Cable
Vampires, Wild and Domestic
We Are Not Losing the War
British Columbia Turns to the Right
Facts of Interest About Russia and Japan
The Wicked City of Richmond in 1864
“Two Years of War,” Said Henry Ward Beecher
Advice on Courtship
The Dumb Cake
The Insalubrious Consequences of Lack of Ventilation
Treason in a Brandy Bottle
Making a Living as a Victorian Journalist
Mode of Correcting a Proof
A Rule and Instruction to Preserve Such as Be in Health, from the Infection
It Is Easier than You Think to Make the Philosopher’s Stone
The Duke of York Is No Papist
A Loathly and Abominable Sight
An Amusing Joke with Meat
Runaway Phil
A Storm in Colonial Boston
An Experiment Interrupted
St. Ambrose Reads in Silence
The Case for Woman Suffrage
A Servantless House
Slaves of the Baker
The Coming Scarcity of Draft Horses
Kinds of Photoplays to Avoid
Big Interests Plan Television Theatres
Art for Art’s Sake Kills Civilization
The Future of Photography, Seen from 1850
Prayers for the Unhappy Deluded Americans