Arranged chronologically as an aid to the study of historical printing techniques.

Manuel typographique, utile aux gens de lettres, & à ceux qui exercent les différentes parties de l’Art de l’Imprimerie. Par Fournier, le jeune. Paris: Chez Barbou.

Vol. I (1764).
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Vol. II (1766). —This volume includes a long and fascinating section of Alphabets des Langues modernes & anciennes.
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Manual de la Typografia Española, o sea el Arte de la Imprenta. Por Antonio Serra y Oliveres. Madrid: D. Eduardo Oliveres, 1852.

Harpel’s Typograph, or Book of Specimens,
containing useful information, suggestions, and a collection of examples of letterpress job printing arranged for the assistance of master printers, amateurs, apprentices, and others. By Oscar H. Harpel, typographic designer and printer. Cincinnati, 1870. —Many beautiful color examples.

Tipografia. Salvatore Landi. Milano: Ulrico Hoepli, 1892.

I. Guida per chi stampa e fa stampare: compositori e corretoi, revisori, autori ed editori.

II. Lezioni di compositione ad uso degli allievi e di quanti fanno stampare.

The Practice of Typography:
A treatise on the processes of type-making, the point system, the names, sizes, styles and prices of plain printing types. By Theodore Low De Vinne. New York: The Century Co., 1900.

Vade-Mecum du Typographe. Par Jean Dumont. Bruxelles : Des Presses de A. Lesigne, 1915. —With many sample title pages, advertisements, cards, etc.

Lexique Typographique. Complément du Vade-Mecum du Typographe. Par Jean Dumont. Bruxelles : Imprimerie A. Leempoel, 1917. —All the important French terms defined.