Classical Studies

Books about classical literature, Greek and Roman, and related subjects.

A Companion to Latin Studies. Edited by Sir John Edwin Sandys. Second edition. Cambridge, 2013. A huge fat book full of chronological tables and information on every aspect of Roman culture up to and beyond the end of the Empire.


Life and Letters in the Fourth Century. By Terrot Reaveley Glover. Cambridge, 1901.

A History of Ancient Greek Literature by Gilbert Murray, M.A. 1903.

Commentaries of Caesar, by Anthony Trollope; Tacitus, by William Bodham Donne. Part of the series "Ancient Classics for English Readers." 1870. It is very interesting to hear the voice of Anthony Trollope speaking in such a work as this; it is like meeting an old friend in an unfamiliar city.

Macrobius; or, Philosophy, Science and Letters in the Year 400. By Thomas Whittaker. Cambridge, 1923.